The Cue Wizard


Technical & Practical Issues

Although we continue to strive to develop the use of technology, the cue wizard has been tested on Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5. We are aware of problems that exist on later and other browsers and the site will be updated as these problems are overcome.

The images used in the cue wizard have been optimised for the Web to reduce load times and printing the cue design will not accurately represent the colours of the finished cue. We therefore have to provide a disclaimer that the cue wizard image is representative only, and we cannot be held responsible in any differences between the image on screen and the final product.

Also as a result on the manipulation of images, updating of the cue design could take some time dependant upon the speed of connection etc. We have therefore added a 'manual' feature so that you can select all your options before pressing the 'Update Image' Button to show the design based on your current choices.

The list of cue tips sizes given on the cue wizard are nominal only. Although every effort will be made to match your exact requirements, we aim for a tolerance up to 0.1mm of the requested size.



Peradon for Snooker Cues